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The Stormcaller, e-book

The Stormcaller, e-book

Author: Jacob L. Grant & Mark T. Russell

Product #: 430
Length: 418 pages
Version: e-book, PDF
ISBN: 9781602900219
Retail Price:$15.95
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The path of the fallen is a war of the heart. On the Isle of Turmak, a power-hungry necromancer longs to resurrect the unholy spirit of the Dragon. At his side is a legendary swordsman named Legion, who has single-handedly crippled the kingdom of Freeport from defending itself against the necromancer's plot. Then Andrea, a young slave who has magical powers beyond human comprehension, finds her way to Freeport and the tides of war begin to change. But is her faith in her abilities strong enough to stop even Legion?

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