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Blue Mist on the Danube, ebook

Blue Mist on the Danube, ebook

Product #: 431
Length: 399 pages
Version: e-book, PDF
ISBN: 9781602900387
Retail Price:$15.95
Our Price: $12.99
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Kerina Rudzinski, one of the world's greatest violists, has always found refuge in Vienna, a city as beautiful and mysterious as she is. Here she can lose herself in the music she loves. But though the blue mist above the River Danube comforts Kerina, it cannot completely veil her past. Memories from another time, another place pierce her heart. American Ashley Reynolds is haunted by a night in the little town of Everdale, and a promise she gave without realizing the consequences. Now, years later, her marriage crumbles under the weight of secrets. An ocean lies between the two women, but their destiny is intertwined...with each other an that of an extraordinary army lieutenant on medical leave.

"Doris Elaine Fell has become one of America’s favorite storytellers." —KAREN KINGSBURY

"Doris Elaine Fell writes with a tender heart. You won’t want to miss this one!" —ANGELA HUNT

"A masterful storyteller who emblazons her literary landscapes with unforgettable characters and exotic locales." —CAROLE GIFT PAGE

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