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Culpa, e-book

Culpa, e-book

Product #: 444
Length: 529 pages
Version: e-book, PDF
ISBN: 9781602900554
Retail Price:$15.95
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For 20 years, he's lived everyone else's dream. Now he wants to live his matter who gets hurt. Brock Stowolski always thought he'd grow up to be a priest. He's spent the last two years in seminary, preparing for just that. Then one day he realizes he no longer wants the make-believe, we-trust-in-God, He'll-make-it-all-right world any longer. He craves the real world - where men with ambition rely on themselves and their own labors to make their own fame, power, and wealth. Leaving seminary and a devoted friend behind, Brock plunges headlong into a career in design, determined to make it to the pinnacle of success. But he could never dream where his life's journey would take him..or what his crowning culpa - his life achievement - would be.
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