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The Adoption Club, e-book

The Adoption Club, e-book

Product #: 488
Length: 135 pages
Version: e-book, PDF
ISBN: 9781602901186
Retail Price:$12.95
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Her heart longed for a place to call home. Bernice was only six the night she and her brother were brought to the State School for Dependent Children. They had been taken away from their mother before and placed in foster homes, but somehow this felt different. Little did Bernice know that her mother had signed away custody of her, ad she wouldn't leave the orphanage for two years. People weren't adopting children in 1929, but that year eight-year-old Bernice was adopted into one of the finest homes in rural Bloomington, Minnesota. She was told she's luck to be adopted, while others will live out their childhoods in the orphanage. But she worried. What will her new life be like Will she ever see her brother again? And do these people really want her?

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