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Catalyst, e-book

Catalyst, e-book

Product #: 514
Length: 559 pages
Version: e-book, PDF
ISBN: 9781602901575
Retail Price:$15.95
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Rookie journalist Lyle Sabael has just uncovered what he things could be the most magnificent deception of the century. But will anyone believe him? In a small town in upstate New York, a young woman is raped and murdered. The local sheriff dismisses it as a crime of passion, but Lyle Sabael, of the Plattsburgh Herald, isn't convinced. The clues all lead to a secret hidden within the borders of the United States - a secret of such magnitude that it could affect not only the government and citizens of the U.S., but every country around the world. The sheriff, the editor of the Hearld, a retired Air Force general, and a U.S. senator all think Lyle's theory is beyond ludicrous. but Lyle refuses to let the investigation go. Too much is at stake, and time is running out.
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