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Vienna Prelude - Unabridged Dramatization

Vienna Prelude - Unabridged Dramatization

Author: Bodie and Brock Thoene
Narrator: Sean Barrett

Product #: 088
Release Date: November 10, 2006
Length: Approximately 19 Hours/ or 16 burned CD's
Producer: The1Audio
Version: Unabridged
ISBN: 1-4143-0107-3

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No one is safe. . . . In 1936 Nazi darkness descends upon Europe. Every person is only one step away from being swept into the nightmarish tide of evil. Blond Elisa Lindheim, a violinist with the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, adopts an Aryan stage name for protection. But her closest friend, Leah, a talented Jewish cellist, is in a perilous position.

There are those who choose to fight Hitler’s madness. Elisa’s father, Theo. A courageous American reporter, John Murphy. Winston Churchill, the British statesman. A farm family in the Tyrolean Alps. The Jewish Underground. But will all their efforts be enough to stop the coming Holocaust?

And now Elisa must decide. If she becomes part of the Underground, she will risk everything . . . and put everyone she loves in danger.


"What an awesome production of Vienna Prelude. The added special effects paint a broader picture of the book. The effects actually immerse you into the story....WOW, what a story...All-in-all the book is a 10." -Vince and Teresa M.

Even readers already familiar with the story will find something new in this amazing production of Vienna Prelude.

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